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Augmented Reality and Wine Marketing

August 22nd, 2017

Can augmented reality help you sell wine? And what is augmented reality anyway? [level-members]

First, augmented reality is the use of a mobile app to access content – typically video or animation – when you point your phone’s camera at an object that the app has been coded to recognize. Like, for example, a wine label.

As this Fox Business clip shows, you can get some pretty interesting content specific to the wine.

AR for Wine

There are also relatively inexpensive DIY tools for producing AR content yourself, meaning you could add tasting notes or pairing suggestions to various bottles around your shop. Blippar is perhaps the best-known of these tools.

Yes, this does take a bite out of the “personal touch” approach many of us feel in our small shops, but it’s also a way to compete with the big boys by doing something fun and interesting that isn’t necessarily beyond the reach of Main Street businesses.

Something to consider as you strive to remain relevant in an “Amazon world.”