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Food & Wine Pairing: Fall Bounty, Part 2

September 22nd, 2017

Two weeks ago we posted a Friday food and wine pairing piece on pairing with fall’s bounty. We didn’t have any intention of that being part 1, yet here we are with part 2 … [level-members]

This week we’ll let you fend for yourselves on the recipe front since your bounty may be different than ours … and we’ll focus on some red wines that you might consider stocking and recommending.

The Loire
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Loire Valley wines. Many of them are particularly delicious in the fall. There’s something about these wines that just says, “crisp fall day.”

Great choice for some bigger meals. If it’s spending some time in the oven, chances are protein will go well with Syrah – though preparation matters, too.

California Cabernets
Not my first choice, but if you’ve been keeping these at bay all summer, cool nights are an excellent time to break ’em out.

Other Choices
Lighter reds are still a great option since it hasn’t really gotten cold anywhere yet. Just keep them paired with lighter dishes.

Whatever direction you go, enjoy the change of season.