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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – September 28, 2017

September 28th, 2017

From fresh perspectives in Oregon to wine-themed destinations in China, there’s plenty of fun stuff to read this week. Not least of which is drunk rats in India. [level-members]

We’ll get to that, but let’s start off with Five Myths of Winemaking, brought to you by Seven Fifty. Some interesting info that isn’t all super geeky.

There’s fresh blood in the Oregon wine trade, and they’re shaking things up.

Disney theme parks not your thing? Perhaps a “Booze-centric” theme park in China is more your speed.

Then we’ve got the Congressional Wine Caucus. If they can’t get anything done sober, how is booze going to help?

If you lose something – like wine – you may be able to buy it back.

And our favorite story of the week is one with a little age on it: back in May it seems that a considerable quantity of evidence was found missing from police custody in India. Apparently, some 900,000 liters of liquor, which had been seized during arrests by the police, were gone. The obvious answers – drunk cops and/or an evidence clerk with a big side business in purloined goods – were apparently not the case. Instead, the story is that rats drank the missing liquor. One would think rats would leave empty bottles behind, making this an easy case to solve …