The Grapevine

Sell Wine Experience, Not Wine Scores

October 25th, 2017

As sentiments of score inflation grow and consumers come to rely on trusted influencers more than market-driven ratings providers, you might reconsider the scores you’re including on your shelf talkers. [level-members]

First, it’s not just we who are noticing that scores seem to only go up. An article on Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog is an excellent example of others who’ve noticed the same thing. You know things are bad when less than a 98 is “worthless in marketing.”

We’ve long held that scores are only of value in context. And they’re most valuable when you’ve established a relationship with the person providing the rating. That allows you to¬†evaluate your taste against theirs and calibrate – maybe their sense of something being too fruit forward is a great fit for your tastes. Add 10 points! Or vice versa.

That’s the relationship you should strive for with your wine shop customers and prospective customers. Make it about more than scores, wear your preferences on your sleeve, and let customers agree or disagree with you to their heart’s content. If you give them an honest assessment of the wines you stock, you’ll gain their trust and making shopping with you an experience beyond the numbers. [/level-members]