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Wine Stories Worth Sharing for November 2, 2017

November 2nd, 2017

Halloween exposé: is Cabernet a vampire grape? Plus, growing your own gin, sex and red wine (not necessarily in that order), wine from Lebanon, and more! [level-members]

Is Cabernet the vampire grape? (The story’s not nearly as ghoulish as you might be thinking.)

Grow your own gin. Well, grow your own juniper and then make gin …

Yeah, us! Red wine drinkers have the best sex. But is it only when they’ve been drinking red wine?

As a kid who grew up in a suburban house with a garden, grape trellis, strawberry patch, and raspberry bushes, I have to say this looks like it’s worth adding to the calendar for next year! Wine Fight!

Lebanon’s wine industry is ripe with history – and some pretty darn good wine.

Climate change’s effect on the wine in your glass.