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Wine Shop Marketing: Bracing for the Holidays

November 8th, 2017

Today, we’ve got an all-star from the archives, a popular post with tips on suriving the holiday crush in your wine shop. Thanksgiving – and Christmas and New Years Eve – are just around the corner! [level-members]

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just six weeks away. Here’s the first in what will be a few thoughts on surviving and thriving on the insanity.

First, how about a little thriving, since the holiday season is, for many of us, the most important period of the year?

That’s partly because wine and spirits make excellent gifts for loved ones, many of us are attending parties where a bottle is the easiest token of appreciation to walk in the door with, and, well, many of us are throwing parties and need booze to make them happen.

Take advantage of that gift-giving by creating gift guides for your customers, social media contacts and email subscribers. (Not to mention visitors to your website.) One gift giving guide is hardly any fun – just like one-size-fits-all clothing rarely fits that well. Instead, create different guides for different kinds of customers. This not only speaks right to their needs, but gives them a manageable range of choices.

One gift giving guide might be The Party Goer’s Guide to the Perfect Host Gift, which could offer humorous advice on what your host might enjoy drinking based on the kind of party he or she is throwing.

Gift guides could be geared to those just learning about wine, seasoned aficionados, folks who aways seem to prefer something just a little bit different, and those who love the classics. Each can contain options at a range of price points.

Ultimatey, you want to provide guidance and “proof” (the wine shop says this is good, it must be …) to help make the decision easier and less stressful. And a little fun, too.