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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – November 9, 2017

November 9th, 2017

More on the aftermath of the California fires, drinking games, holiday gift and decorating ideas, and man vs. machine. [level-members]

A lovely piece from Hawk Wakawaka on the fires and their aftermath. (Plus I majored in philosophy.)

Looking for a way to ramp up – and, let’s face it, probably ruin – your Thanksgiving. Drinking games like Slap the Bag to the rescue!

Tree decorating ideas for wine lovers.

Pairing wine and weed. I’m not sure how well that works, but certainly the world is going to find out soon enough …

Holiday gift idea for the really, really wine obsessed. It’s a board game.

Hand-picked grapes vs. the machines. Is one really better than the other. Read on to find out …