The Grapevine

Wine Shop Marketing and Champagne Flutes

December 6th, 2017

Whether you vie Champagne flutes positively or not, they can be an interesting part of your tasting program. [level-members]

Especially this time of year, when sparklers are in great demand, running tastings in which you not only pour different wines side by side, but you pour the same wines in different glasses. Flutes, coupes, or “real” wine glasses as some flute-haters insist.

Does the ability to more easily swirl and breathe in the wine’s nose outweigh the flute’s generally acknowledged bubble superiority? Could you tell the difference blindfolded?

All good questions to ask your wine shop customers, and suggestions to make to them for running their own at-home tastings.

Though glassware choices are hardly critical (in most cases), encouraging enthusiastic exploration is good for business.