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Wine Stories Worth Sharing for December 7, 2017

December 7th, 2017

A cellar full of wine and steeped in automotive history, a head-to-head comparison of very old and very new very expensive wine, the good and bad of sommeliers, and how different alcohols could affect our emotions.


As if 300,000 bottles of wine is lure enough, how about the possibility of an old Rolls Royce? There aren’t any in this DC-area wine cellar, but the facility used to be a Rolls dealer.

Is older always better? A head-to-head blind testing aims to find out, at least in this one very pricy instance.

Sommeliers in restaurants – are they redundant?

Perhaps not, if we take into account their bad days at the office.

Different kinds of alcohol could make us feel different emotions. (But too much alcohol almost always leads to regret …)