The Grapevine

Food & Wine Pairing: Fondue

December 8th, 2017

It’s retro, it’s kitschy, it’s just plain fun. Fondue is a tradition in our house … [level-members] on the day when our mixed-religion family goes to cut and decorate the Christmas tree.

And there are dozens of variations on cheese fondue, to say nothing of chocolate and meat-in-oil fondues, but here’s a basic fondue recipe as a starting point.

As for wine, well there are nearly as many opinions on pairings as there are fondue recipes but we love crisp whites, dry or off-dry: some French whites, grüner veltliner, riesling, but probably not a big buttery, oaky chardonnay. A chilled, light red can also be delicious, but we prefer softer reds for fondue.

Enjoy the weekend!