The Grapevine

It’s That Sparkling Time of the Year!

December 13th, 2017

Whether you have shop customers who are adventurous, well-heeled, or both, you can guide them to find the best sparklers for their tastes. And what to do after the inevitable spill … [level-members]

For your epically adventurous shop customers always in search of the next big (or not so big) thing, there’s sparkling wine from Canada.

For those more interested in the tried and true, we have the “Small Village that Houses the Best Champagne.”

If you’d like to offer some guideance no matter where on the map a customer might be looking for bubbly, here’s “What You Need to Know About Champagne (And Other Sparkling Wines) Before You Buy.”

Finally, where there’s wine, there’s spilt wine. Here’s how to clean up after yourself when the spill is Champagne or other whites.