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Wine Industry News for December 18, 2017

December 18th, 2017

Early promise from the Loire, a lawsuit to allow interstate wine shipping from retailers to consumers, and appellations and AVAs. [level-members]

First, two stories of appelations proposed and AVAs granted: four new appellations have been proposed for Washington State, including the enticingly named Candy Mountain. And a new AVA has been granted by the regulation-averse Trump administration for Petaluma Gap in Sonoma and Marin.

Also on the regulatory/legal front, lawsuits have been filed in three states to allow broad consumer access nationwide. The suit is being handled by the same lawyers, Bob Epstein and Alex Tanford, who were able to make DtC shipments from wineries to consumers legal. Read the full article here.

And in other encouraging news, we have early promise being shown by the 2017 Loire Valley harvest. Yippee!