The Grapevine

Taking Wine Shop Customer Service to the Next Level

January 2nd, 2018

It’s a trite phrase – “to the next level” – but it also captures quite well what most wine shops need to do in order to compete in today’s market. [level-members]

You should be able to identify the ways in which your competitors are outshining you, whether those competitors are local shops around the corner, larger regional stores, or behemoths online. (Though Amazon is out of the picture for the moment.)

And knowing who your competition is should give you some insight into what their strengths are and how you can counteract them.

Losing business to a shop with convenient parking when you lack it? Offer delivery, or even curbside pickup.

In the same vein of convenience, track what your customers have purchased and email them to ask if they’d like to put together another similar order. You can handle the transaction over the phone or even in the shop. The goal is to offer the personal touch that makes doing business with you just a little easier and just a bit more enjoyable.

You might also consider expanding your services, some of which you’d charge for and some which you might not. Food and wine pairing, menu planning, and other wine-related activities can be an excellent way to get more attention without simply hawking more wine. (Though check with your state’s regulatory authority. Not everything is legal everywhere …)

Whatever you can do to make your shop a more interesting and entertaining place to do business is going to be a positive for your bottom line.