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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – January 11, 2018

January 11th, 2018

Book recommendations, pre-marathon hydration recommendations, wine glasses grow larger, and a pair of pieces perfect for the post-holiday period. [level-members]

Maybe we should have been quicker with this, but if you haven’t gotten the holiday recycling to the curb yet, here are some interesting uses for empty wine bottles. 

Another one we’re a little late on: cat-friendly bubbly. 

Well, this certainly explains a lot. Wine glasses have, uh, ballooned over the past twenty years. Time for some lipo and lap band surgery? 

Sub-four hours is a pretty impressive marathon time. Probably aren’t too many who can pull that off and keep up a solid intake of Burgundy along with the expected energy drinks. The Drinking Running Sommelier.

Finally, here’s a highly recommended book, and not just by Kramer. We’ve seen this one written up admiringly in non-wine publications. [level-members]