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Your Wine Shop’s Google Business Listing and Google Posts

January 24th, 2018

If you don’t have your Google Business Listing set up, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with folks who find you on Google’s results pages. [level-members]

Google Posts is a relatively new feature that Google has rolled out primarily for small buisnesses. As you can see in the example below for Andigo, which is Grapeseed Marketing’s parent company, the Google Post appears alongside the native search results and paints a more complete picture of your business.

Andigo Google Post

Th post is part of your Google Business listing and can be adjusted there.

For better or worse, it’s not a permanent part of your business listing and must be renewed regularly. The exception to this is if you create the post as an event post, in which case the post will remain active until the event date has passed. You can also have only one post live at a time.

More information about Google Posts and the Google Business Listing is available on the Google help pages.


is a new feature that allows small businesses to create content directly on Google which, in theory, should rank highly in Google’s search engine results pages. The content appears in both Google search and map results.