The Grapevine

Winter Brunch Food & Wine Pairing

February 2nd, 2018

Go ahead: wake up late, lounge in bed, let the dog walk herself, and then mosey on down to the kitchen, brew up some coffee, read the paper (or at least the sections that won’t have you shaking your fist in the air), and then make a delicious midday brunch. [level-members]

Naturally, you’ll want to pair that breakfast with a glass of wine. (After a morning like that, you’ve earned it.) Here’s one suggested pairing.

Fontina and Spinach Baked Eggs with Brown Butter Breadcrumbs

White wine is what most people will think of first, and certainly you can go with something light, crisp and refreshing.

But you can also serve a slightly chilled red – an inexpensive Pinot or even a low-alcohol Zin if you stock one.