The Grapevine

Can You Encourage Your Customers to Splurge and Cut Back at the Same Time?

February 7th, 2018

Encouraging your wine shop customers with a budding interest in better wines to cut back may seem counterintuitive, but it can work to your advantage. And, of course, theirs. [level-members]

If they are showing curiosity about “better” wines encourage them to perhaps forego wine one night a week in favor of having a better bottle on another night. 

This works best, of course, with folks who have made wine a regular part of their evening meals, which presents a bit of a balancing act. You don’t want to do anything that makes them move wine out of the “grocery” category in their minds and back in the “for special occasions” category. 

But you do want to expand their options and possibilities and get them to see that there are excellent wines at a range of prices. Not every day – or every meal – is worthy of a splurge wine, but those splurge wines, when well chosen, can be transformative. Encourage those customers showing an interest to explore.