The Grapevine

Opportunities to Educate (And Market Your Wine Shop)

March 14th, 2018

Here are two related topics worth creating content around because your wine shop audience will appreciate the helpful advice. [level-members]

Wine, as with most things, feels a little risky to anyone who feels he or she doesn’t have ALL the knowledge in the world. (As if such a state is even possible …)

So ordering wine and judging whether wine is corked or otherwise flawed will generally get people’s palms sweaty. You can help.

I’m sure you have your own ideas on avoiding the pitfalls of most restaurant wine lists, but these two articles are helpful guides to putting together your own advice on ordering – and what to do if the bottle that arrives isn’t drinkable.

You’re Ordering Wine Wrong

Wine Faults and How to Recognize Them

Whatever you do, don’t present this kind of information in a way that makes them feel uninformed and further lowers their confidence. Remember that the goal is to arm your audience with the information they need to feel confident in their decisions. That will win you more fans – among your wine shop customers and local restaurant owners and wine stewards.