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Food and Wine Pairing: Tuna and Red Wine

March 23rd, 2018

With spring in the air, at least in my imagination, I’m eager to fire up the grill and get winter behind us. But, Mother Nature is not exactly cooperating, so here’s my compromise in a nod to the reality of the weather. [level-members]

We’ve talked about this combination before, and shared this recipe for tuna with a red wine sauce from the Food network site. (And as we’ve noted before, our only adjustment would be to change “1 cup red wine” to “1 cup dry red wine.”)

As for pairings, there are an enormous number of options. If big California-style Cabs are your thing, they’ll work well, as would many big Italian reds. My first choice though, as it so frequently is, would be a Cabernet Franc-based wine from the Loire. You might even make your choice based on what you’ll accompany the fish with.

So, what do you have in the shop that fits the bill? Offer up this week’s recipe now and even into the spring. This can be a really fantastic meal for those not-quite-spring evenings. [/level-members]