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Wine Stories Worth Sharing for April 12, 2018

April 12th, 2018

A documentary on the great Andre Tchelistcheff, the concept of perfect ripeness, storing your wine in a bomb shelter, and a conversation with sommelier Fahara Zamorano. [level-members]

A great subject and a great documentary – tough to beat. In this case it’s Andre Tchelistcheff and a movie worth hunting down. André — The Voice of Wine is not available on any streaming services yet – it’s just had it’s debut in Yountville, CA, so keep your eyes peeled.

Is there such a thing as “perfect ripeness?” Eric Asimov says maybe not.

And more from the New York Times – what to do with that old bomb shelter you’ve got lying around – store wine, of course.

Looking for a reminder of why you love wine  – and why your wine shop customers should, too? Here it is: a conversation with sommelier Fahara Zamorano.