The Grapevine

The Art of Wine Education as Marketing

April 25th, 2018

Nobody likes to feel stupid, so it can be a challenge to educate your wine shop audience, though the benefits are great enough that it’s worth the effort to do it right. [level-members]

This recent article, The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Wine, is an excellent example. It’s precisely because there are “shifting definitions and no official standards” that “confusion can abound.”

The article discusses what it is, why it’s becoming popular, and a host of other questions that someone new or relatively new to natural wines might ask. This is an excellent approach.

Rather than taking a stand – natural wines are good, natural wines are bad – you lay out the facts and let your audience decide for themselves. If you write in a way that isn’t condescending and doesn’t presume insider knowledge already, you can win fans and gain a following. From there, it’s a much shorter leap to becoming customers than it is for someone who knows nothing about you and your shop.