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Wine Industry News for May 14, 2018

May 14th, 2018

Rosé is here to stay. Bootleggers, too. Women’s superior palates, trade agencies pushing for better labels, and we start with an insder’s look at the lack of diversity in the wine biz. [level-members]

The wine biz isn’t necessarily the most diverse industry under the sun.

Trade agencies in the US push for more precise and accurate labeling. Do consumers care? Should they?

Small sampling size, but in my house, this is definitely true: women have better palates than men and should taste the wine.

Apparently, bootleggers didn’t get buried with Al Capone’s fedora. NY State authorities bust a bootlegger in Brooklyn.

If you think that rosé’s moment has come and gone (or is going), think again, says this trendspotting somm: Rosé is a Millennial Obsession.