The Grapevine

Sell Less to Sell More Wine

May 23rd, 2018

The key to selling more wine is to not always be all about selling wine. Engage your audience on another level and you’ll get more of their attention. [level-members]

Make interesting and useful recommendations and you’ll create a more devoted following. Like, for example, recommendations about setting up a home bar. 

Remember that for a general audience you won’t know whether you’re talking to folks who are setting up their first bar or committed drink-slingers on the prowl for the next fun tool to have. That means either creating versions of the same basic information aimed at each possible audience segment, or more conveniently, including a little bit of everything in one. 

Either way, if you put down your megaphone for a minute and offer help instead of selling, you’re more likely to have an audience to sell to when the time is right. Even better, you’ll likely do less selling to make the sale.