The Grapevine

Social Media Marketing

February 20th, 2013

Yesterday, we talked about using the company you keep to help establish trust with prospective clients. That is, cross-promoting with another local business can benefit both of you as you lend your “seal of approval” to them with your customers and they do the same for you.[level-members]

But what about social media? Maintaining an active presence on social media networks and interacting with your existing customers and fans can be a great way of establishing that same sort of trust with prospective clients who are one or two steps removed from your circle.

We’ll provide more detailed social media info in upcoming posts and seminars, but keep in mind that social media, when handled adroitly, gives you an advantage that the big box stores can only dream about. At the very least, begin by staking out your claim in the social media forums you’re most comfortable and becoming familiar with the tone and nature of the conversation there. Then, when you’re ready to jump in, you’ll already know the lay of the land.[/level-members]