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National Wine Day 2018

May 25th, 2018

Yes, we know it’s Friday and we almost always post food and wine pairing ideas and recipes, but we’re going to skip that today because today is National Wine Day! [level-members]

Unlike other lesser lights on the yearly calendar of holidays – we’re looking at you, National Kazoo Day (January 28th, if you’re interested) – National Wine Day really matters.

Well, maybe not, but it is still a good reason to think about and drink wine. Some news related to this great day:

Food & Wine reports that AirBnB has a crazy $1 special for National Wine Day.

Why not do some exploring? has 11 wines to try that you may never have even heard of. (Though there’s a reason you haven’t heard of some of these …)

More useful is another article on wine hacks to try today, including quick-chilling a warm bottle.