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Wine Talk Worth Sharing: WA Syrah, Value Wines, Champagne a la Capo

March 31st, 2016

A few items worthy of sharing with your friends, fans and followers this week. Washington Syrah, value in wines, and Champagne a la Capone. [level-members] Washington State Syrah First, the New York Times gives us a “second look” at Syrah from Washington state, which they claim US consumers have largely been ignoring. (And not just […]

Resisting ‘Been There, Done That’ in Wine Shop Marketi

March 30th, 2016

When you’re an insider, it’s hard not to have at least somewhat of a superior attitude when an “outsider” (careful there – these are your customers you’re disdaining … ) enthusiastically embraces something you were hip to two or three years ago. [level-members] That happens in every industry where fashions come and go. For the […]

Credit Card Terminals in Your Wine Sh

March 29th, 2016

The vast majority of retailers in the US accept credit cards. (Those that don’t seem to either be businesses with virtually no local competition or businesses very tightly focused on their local market. Like the only mechanic that works on foreign cars in a small town, or a neighborhood restaurant.) A big shift is in progress, […]

Wine Industry News – 3/28/

March 28th, 2016

Private labeling’s ups and downs, good news on climate change for a change, and teachers gone bad. [level-members] Private label wines are nothing new, but there are different kinds of private labeling. Some of it good for the industry overall, some of it not so much. Or so argues The Wine Anorak. Read the full […]

Food & Wine Pairing: Grilled Rack of Lamb and Syr

March 25th, 2016

Nothing says Easter in our house quite like lamb. (Well, lamb and the obligatory Extreme Egg Hunt.) [level-members] Weather permitting – and since we grill year-round,  it’s nearly always permitting – we grill our lamb. Rack. leg or whatever cut you prefer, it’s almost always better grilled. And from the traditional mint jelly to the […]

Around the Country in 50 Wineri

March 24th, 2016

I’m sure I agree that these 50 wineries are “the future of American wine” but it’s certainly an interesting topic for conversation. [level-members] Bloomberg reports that the “author of a new book about drinking wine in each of the 50 states has a new perspective on the future of American viticulture.” Maybe it’s just me, […]

Wine Shop Marketing: Conversation Starte

March 23rd, 2016

Two weeks ago we talked about wine shop marketing as a conversation. Here’s a potential conversation starter, particularly for customers who are just beginning to get more serious about their passion for wine. [level-members] Terroir is one of those subjects that’s nearly unique to the wine world. Most agree that it is important, few can define […]

Wine Shop Owner: Are You Working When You’re Not Workin

March 22nd, 2016

If not, maybe you should be. Not that we don’t see the value of down time. (In fact, I took yesterday off as part of a long weekend.) But there are some things you should be thinking about even when you’re off the clock. At least, sometimes … [level-members] There are things you definitely shouldn’t […]

Wine Industry News – 3/21/

March 21st, 2016

Young people need more patience. Young people drink more wine. And more wine industry news … [level-members] Great Wine Takes Patience And old vines. At least, that’s Michasel Fridjhon’s take in the BDlive piece about winemakers’ continuing trend toward crafting wines that are ready to drink right on release. Given that our preference is for Old […]

Food & Wine Pairings: Wine and We

March 18th, 2016

We just can’t get away from these wacky food and wine pairings: wine and eggs, wine in the shower, wine and Girl Scout cookies … clearly we missed an opportunity, though: probably should have done the wine and weed thing before the wine and Girl Scout cookies … [level-members] Still, this is too fun not to […]