The Grapevine

Resisting ‘Been There, Done That’ in Wine Shop Marketing

March 30th, 2016

When you’re an insider, it’s hard not to have at least somewhat of a superior attitude when an “outsider” (careful there – these are your customers you’re disdaining … ) enthusiastically embraces something you were hip to two or three years ago. [level-members]

That happens in every industry where fashions come and go. For the wine business today, we have rosé. We’ve been drinking it and loving it for the past few summers – no more than two, so we’re certainly not claiming to be trendsetters. We still do find it a bit humorous listening to someone who has just discovered how great they can be.

As a shop owner, you can’t afford to look down your nose at someone’s newly unearthed enthusiasm. You can’t even afford to smile benignly and remain neutral. You need to fully embrace and encourage that enthusiasm, no matter how late to the game someone may be.

It’s certainly alright – and the kind thing to do – to gently point out the history of a trend’s popularity to anyone who is convinced that they’ve just discovered the next big thing. But “gently” is the key word there, and this is only needed for the most self-deluded.

In the end, your marketing is all about creating and nurturing an enthusiasm for wine. It’s unfair to expect folks not in the business – particularly those just coming to their wine appreciation – to be up on every trend. So drop the attitude, and revel in the joy of new discoveries for your customers, even if their discoveries are new only to them. [/level-members]