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Wine Talk Worth Sharing: WA Syrah, Value Wines, Champagne a la Capone

March 31st, 2016

A few items worthy of sharing with your friends, fans and followers this week. Washington Syrah, value in wines, and Champagne a la Capone. [level-members]

Washington State Syrah
First, the New York Times gives us a “second look” at Syrah from Washington state, which they claim US consumers have largely been ignoring. (And not just the Syrah from Washington …) Syrah, of course, doesn’t deserve to be shunned and if  your wine shop customers are asking for it, it’s good to be prepped. You can read the full article here.

Finding Value in Wine
From The Gray Report we get a look at what constitutes value in a wine. Is it paying less than market for a bottle? Paying a lower-than-expected mark-up in a restaurant? Or a bottle that exemplifies a varietal or region at a lower price than more famous or well-regarded cousins?

Yes to all of the above. And no, too. Interesting read. And some interesting comments, too. You’ll find both here.

Champagne a la Capone
Not literally, but we couldn’t resist this article and the accompanying video.

Click through for the article. The best part is the video …