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Food & Wine Pairing: Spanish Garnacha and Chicken

April 1st, 2016

This week we take a look at a chicken dish that will pair perfectly with some budget-friendly Spanish Garnacha. [level-members]

The dish comes to us from the good folks at Food & Wine: Chicken with Catalan Picada.

As they note, taking the heat out of the equation makes this a much more food-friendly dish that it would be if we cooked the similar and more familiar Mexican molé.

On the wine side, we are recommending a Garnacha-based wine that is a part of the landscape in Catalonia, where a dish like this might also be popular. It’s the same grape that everyone outside of Spain refers to as Grenache. Typically very round and pleasantly textured, these wines can be a great accompaniment to dishes, like this, that include savory meats and sweet fruit. Which makes it a great match for the picada in this recipe. Enjoy!