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Wine Shop Owner: Are You Working When You’re Not Working?

March 22nd, 2016

If not, maybe you should be. Not that we don’t see the value of down time. (In fact, I took yesterday off as part of a long weekend.) But there are some things you should be thinking about even when you’re off the clock. At least, sometimes … [level-members]

There are things you definitely shouldn’t be thinking of: staff training, whether the electric bill was paid, when the heating fuel tank was last filled … if you can’t turn those things off, you’re going to burn out, no matter what line of business you’re in.

But the fun side of the business – the passionate side – it’s OK to be always on there. In fact, it’s probably good for your business.

These “down time” flashes of inspiration can be really great ways to make suggestions to customers for pairings or even entire dinner themes. Espeecially if you’re thinking, “this would be fun” and not, “let’s move some wine!”

One caution: don’t make the mistake of needing to be public with your passion. Dinner with friends where they’ve cooked something interesting and imaginative is a great time to think about what would pair nicely with, say, the truffled potato chips they’re serving as an app. Sharing that thought might make it unlikely you’ll receive a repeat invitation. (It wouldn’t be surprising for your friends to be a bit intimidated at pouring wine for you in the first place.)