The Grapevine

Marketing Tip – Stay Consistent

February 27th, 2013

Today’s marketing tip takes its cue from our work creating email newsletters. There’s no reason to waste time re-inventing the wheel every time you want to send an email newsletter, send a postcard, or print a promo card to give away at the register. [level-members]Think modularly and you can quickly adapt the same layout for different audiences, different seasons, different products. 

Your print piece could be a single large offer that takes up half or two-thirds of the printed piece. It would change each time you print a new offer. The remaining space you might divide into thirds. The top third could be a seasonal reminder – “Bubbly for your baby on Valentine’s Day?” – the middle section could be a secondary promotion, and the last space could have your hours, phone and address.

Beyond making the process of producing marketing materials more easily, the consistency adds to your marketing’s punch. As the format becomes familiar to your audience, they become more comfortable with it – and with you. That comfort level is the key to deeper, more profitable relationships. 

This applies to all your customer contact points, from emails to postal mailings to shelf signage like “Staff Picks” and food pairing recommendations and recipes. Find a look you like, one that fits the image you are creating for your shop, and stick with it.[/level-members]