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Retail Wine Industry News – Constellation Brands’ Project Genome

July 14th, 2014

Constellation Brands’ Project Genome is a wealth of interesting information for wine retailers who want to know more about their consumers and how to attract them.

Constellation Wines Project Genome

We’ll dive into this important report over the next few weeks in a variety of posts, but even without our guidance and interpretation, it’s a worthwhile read. [level-members]

You can download it here. Constellation Wines Genome Home and Habits.

Top of the list for any retail has to be a long, hard look at the 6 segments they have identified in the premium wine marketplace. Are your customers Enthusiasts, Image Seekers, Savvy Shoppers, Traditionalists, Satisfied Sippers, or just plain Overwhelmed?

Dig in to the descriptions for each – found on the first few pages of the report – and think about how close to or different from these segments your customer base is. Do your customer break down across the same groups? In about the same ratios? Or are there differences to what the report finds to be typical in their national survey.