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Wine Shop Marketing: Ideas for Effective Marketing

July 23rd, 2014

Success requires effective marketing. If you’re not planning today the marketing you’re going to do tomorrow to bring in more customers, you’re leaving your business success to the fates. That’s not your best option. [level-members]


Consider what gets your attention as a consumer. What is it that would make you go out of your way to try something new? For me, some things I’ve noticed that open me up to trying new things are:



If someone is really enthusiastic about something they’re doing, whether it’s new or something they’ve done for years, that gets my attention. (It’s a pretty jaded world most of us live in, after all.) In the shop, that means being enthusiastic about what you sell. (DON”T FAKE IT! Sell wines you truly are excited about.) Beyond that, give thought to how you can make enthusiastic fans of your best customers. They’ll become your best advocates.


Observing Others

If I see someone else confidently making doing something I haven’t thought of or tried – whether that’s a particular shot on the squash court or an interesting wine pairing, or even an interesting wine region – I’m more likely to give it a go on my own. Make the suggestions that others haven’t thought of.


Listening to Experts

Establish yourself as a valued and trusted resource for information on what’s new or interesting or a particularly good value. Don’t toot your own horn. Instead, provide really great information and people will flock to you. Teach without lecturing or embarrassing them, and they’ll come back for more.


So, what are you doing today to get more customers tomorrow?[/level-members]