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Retail Wine Industry News: “Hot Brands” Still Hot

July 28th, 2014

Impact’s Spirits “Hot Brands” are still smoking. According to a recent Shanken News update, nearly all of the 26 brands honored as “hot brands” have continued to grow through the first half of 2014. [level-members]

Even more impressive, 18 of the 26 grew at a double-digit annual pace. The three biggest 2013 winners as measured by case sales saw jumps in the first half of 2014 of 116%, 57% and 80%. These brands are Fireball, New Amsterdam vodka, and Tito’s.

Just three brands lost ground: Pinnacle vodka was down slightly at -2.2%, while Midnight Moon moonshine lost 15.9% and 1800 Tequila was down a sobering 22.6% in the channel.