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LED Lighting – Show Some Love, Save Some Cash

October 21st, 2014

Here’s an interesting article on a shop that has done well by doing good with a new LED lighting system in their shop. [level-members]

Not only does the shop save money, they’ve regained valuable retail space, improved the look of their store and saved money.

The space they’ve gained is top-shelf space that had sat empty because it was too close to the halogen bulbs, which are extremely hot and bright.

The improved look of the store was in fewer burned out bulbs.

And fewer replacements for those burned out bulbs is where the savings come in.

As an added benefit, it’s something they can mention in social media and email marketing as yet one more way they love wine. It’s not a huge thing, but the sort of small detail that can help solidify your reputation as a shop that’s worthy of a serious look.

Read the full article here.