The Grapevine

A Wine Blog Worth Reading

January 8th, 2015

This week, instead of highlighting the books, magazines, and websites your wine shop clients may be reading, we’ll take a look at a wine blog you might recommend to them. [level-members]

The blog is called Hogshead and it’s a mix of wine reviews, wine history, and other wine-related tidbits.

One recent post that is especially interesting covers the origins of the ubiquitous (and frequently maligned) 100-point wine rating scale.

Definitely worth a read and worth recommending to clients personally, via your email newsletter and in your social media posts.

One note on sites like this: yes, this site, and many other popular wine sites, magazines and books, rave about wines you don’t carry. Perhaps even wines you can’t get. But that’s no reason to avoid recommending them to your clients than sticking your head in the sand will keep a hurricane from blowing your house down.

Your best clients – the clients you want – are already out there looking for great wine info online. Not all of what they find will be great for your business, but pretending the info isn’t out there only makes matters worse. So dive in, be a knowledgeable guide, and you’ll strengthen your standing with clients and potential clients, no matter what they find online.