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More on Appealing to New Wine Drinkers, Amazon’s Still Coming

January 26th, 2015

It’s not as if anyone expects Amazon to go away, but recent emails point to them upping their game. Also, wine producers are courting younger consumers who are new to wine with sweeter red blends. [level-members]

As the partial screen grab from my inbox shows, Amazon isn’t just touting price now, they’re beginning to tell a story about the products they’re promoting. It helps get folks excited about the wine they’re drinking, something we should all be thinking about since wine, more obviously than most other things, is a very emotional buy.

Amazon Wines - Dry Creek

That same email included links to written and video tutorials on choosing wines, the buying/shipping experience from Amazon, and broader wine information.

Not surprising. It seems that Amazon is jumping onto a train that’s already got some steam behind it. According to Shanken News Daily from January 13, 2015, there is a “new breed of red blends” grabbing market share in the US. With names like Jam Mar and Barefoot Sweet Red, it’s not hard to guess at their flavor profiles.

These are wines designed to appeal to consumers who are not yet fully comfortable with wine, who are still learning what they really like. Worth stocking and worth thinking about how to present wines to those just starting out on the wine trail.