The Grapevine

Encourage Action in Your Wine Shop

February 10th, 2015

Getting people to take action isn’t always easy, but it’s an important part of keeping your wine shop profitable. Here are some ideas both online and in the shop that will help. [level-members]

First some great news for smaller shops: having the enormous breadth of choice that many larger shops have isn’t necessarily a good thing. The concept of the “paradox of choice” shows that people can easily be overwhelmed by too many choices. We’ve all had that experience, whether trying to buy cereal or a television. What, exactly, differentiates all these items? If you can’t answer that question about all 12 of the Chiantis you carry, pare back. Offer just the best. More than anything people want you to help them interpret the world, not just catalog it.

That’s why things like “staff picks” and even recipes for food & wine pairings are a great idea. It puts a particular bottle in context and makes it easier for customers to make a selection.

That idea of making it easy is the motivation behind the age-old practice of having the National Enquirer and candy and gum at the supermarket check-out counter. Are there similar merchandising approaches you could take?

These same concepts apply to your email marketing and social media activity. Encourage activity by keeping things simple and focused on the end goal. (Though, as we discuss regularly, that doesn’t mean selling directly. Inform and entertain, with the information and entertainment tied in some way to the wines you’re selling.