The Grapevine

Wine Pairings for Pasta

February 27th, 2015

Since the new issue of Bon Appetit that just landed in our inbox is all about bread and pasta, here are some wine pairing ideas for various pasta dishes. [level-members]

Personally, we’re really red wine biased – in favor of! – but there are some dishes that call out for white wines. If you’re serving rich, thick, cream-based sauces, a Sicilian white or a lighter Chardonnay can be just the ticket. (Carbonaro and Alfredo sauces come to mind here.)

Even lighter whites are a great match if you are pairing with a more delicate spring vegetable dish. (Wishful thinking at the moment, but spring will get here at some point …)

Our all-around favorite pasta pairing wine is Barbera. Or, as we’ve heard it called, the acid king of Italy. Its flavor profile and acidic nature pair well with cheese-based sauces and with meat sauces, as well.

Pesto can be made in so many ways it’s hard to make a blanket recommendation. We favor just about any red for Laura’s homemade pesto, though lighter variations can work nicely with whites.

Overall, pasta dishes are perhaps the prime example of regional foods and regional wines pairing well together.