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Wine Shop Marketing: Customer Questions – Pure Gold

March 4th, 2015

Those questions you field a dozen times a week – sometimes a dozen times on a Saturday afternoon? They aren’t annoying. (OK, perhaps they’re a little annoying.) They are pure business-building gold. Here’s how to use them. [level-members]

I’m sure some small percentage of questions you’re asked in your shop are meaningless – someone simply being polite, or bored, or just asking for directions. But most questions you’ll hear are a clue as to what interests your customer.

Not only is the question an opportunity to help that customer and win a fan – and perhaps a sale – but when you begin to gather those questions, they become the basis for some pretty strong marketing.

Here’s a web article from Prismatic entitled, 10 Questions About Wine You’ve Always Had, But Were Too Afraid to Ask. You’ve probably heard some of these questions in your own shop. These questions, and others you hear, can be the basis for a weekly “Ask the Wine Guy” (or Gal) social media post and email update. You can use some kinds of questions to create quizzes – winner every week gets a free bottle – that increase engagement and help strengthen your relationship with your customers – no selling required.

So don’t treat those questions as an annoyance. They’re much too valuable to brush aside. Keep track of them, think through your answers, and you’ll be well on your way to a great series of content marketing material.