The Grapevine

Absinthe, Rum, Cider, and Keeping it Real

March 16th, 2015

This week’s industry news includes info on the old, the new, the best, and more. [level-members]

First, absinthe, that favorite of tipplers in the 1800s – and such notable 20th century imbibers as Hemingway – is making a comeback. Don’t go clearing shelf space just yet, though. Total sales around the world are about 20,000 cases. (As opposed to 67,000,000 cases of vodka …) And not everyone loves the licorice-like taste. Read more here from The Daily Beast.

More people like rum, though, and a group created to find the best of the best has announced their findings. “10 Best Rum, which was created by the spirits-rating organization, Alcohol Aficionado, recently made its selections for the Best Rum Brands, allowing those who enjoy these spirits to gain a better grasp of exactly what makes for a leading rum brand. The top three companies are Maximo Extra Anejo Rum, Motu Rum and Ron Zacapa Rum.” Read more here at BroadwayWorld.

Even more popular than rum is hard cider. A UK publication gives us the word that craft cider could be the next craft beer movement. The craft-pressing movement seems focused on creating ciders for a more sophisticated palate. (Meaning, I believe, less sweet.) Dig deeper here.

Finally, The Drinks Report brings news of further developments in the world anti-counterfeiting world – Tesa BevSeal is designed to protect against refilling of wine and spirits bottles with sub-par product. More info is avaiable here.