The Grapevine

Time Management Tips for Wine Shop Owners

March 24th, 2015

There’s never enough time in the day, is there? You can make the time crunch in your wine shop less difficult with the following time management tips. [level-members]

Don’t try to tackle everything in your path and don’t try to run your daily business ad hoc. It may seems simple – it’s not a Fortune 500 company you’re running – but there is enough complexity that you can easily  push aside important tasks for tasks that are urgent but unimportant. (See Email below …)

Do One Thing
Multi-tasking is for dopes. Seriously. The science proves that a tiny fraction of the poplulation is truly capable of multi-tasking. The rest of us are just distracted. If you think you’re the one in 40 who can, great. But the odds are against you. So do one thing and do it well.

Stay Organized
Keep your work space organized with your most used tools easily at hand. And stick to a schedule.

Email in Its Place
Don’t be a slave to the inbox. Respond at least twice a day, but think twice if you’re checking email more than 4 times a day. There absolutely, positively are more profitable ways for you to spend your time. I guarantee it.

All this said, there’s room for flexibility – this is retail, after all; there has to be flexibility. But having a plan for managing your time will make the task much easier.