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What They’re Reading: NY Times Wine School

April 3rd, 2015

Your best wine shop customers are those who are, wait for it, interested in wine. And if they’re interested, they’re interested in learning more. [level-members]

In addition to tastings and classes that you can and should be running, you can also connect your customers with online learning resources. There are a lot out there, and with Google at everyone’s fingertips, the issue isn’t finding them. The issue is finding the good ones.

The New York Times has its Wine School column, and it’s definitely worth recommending to your customers. A recent column on Napa Valley Cabs is an excellent example.

Offering a link to a column like this, accompanied by your own thoughts on examples of wines to try, foods to pair them with, and what to look for, can be an excellent way to sell more wine not just today, but to create the kinds of passionate customers who keep coming back for more.