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Unexpected Food & Wine Pairings

May 1st, 2015

The NFL draft started yesterday, so it’s rather appropriate that I should be thinking of tailgating today. But NFL-style tailgating isn’t what I had in mind. I was thinking of early morning tailgating. [level-members]

My daughter is rowing crew. The races are frequently very early in the morning. VERY early in the morning. And the team has a food truck staffed by fellow parents to ease the pre-dawn pain. That’s what got me to thinking about early morning tailgating. (Though I’m not sure the school would condone most of what I’m thinking.)

So it was perfect that I stumbled across this article that includes a discussion on wines to pair with doughnuts. (And beef jerky!) Here’s what they have to say about wine with doughnuts. Excellent advice, particularly the part about wedding cake since wine and wedding cake is a far more likely scenario than wine and Krispy Kreme.

Look, I don’t drink wine with doughnuts, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some madman out there cruising the streets at midnight, wondering what the heck will go with his bagful of Krispy Kremes. If you’re that person, the answer is sparkling wine that’s sweet. (Note: The same holds true for wedding cake, too.) Sugary pastries and cakes make dry sparkling wine taste like lemon juice. Go for a demi-sec Champagne, or the American equivalent thereof.

The rest of the article is available here. We hope it’s good more for a laugh than for you actually going out to by Spaghetti-Os.