The Grapevine

Wine Shop Marketing: Don’t Be Shy

May 20th, 2015

If you think about truly iconic consumer brands, you really don’t have to think about what they stand for: Apple, Coca Cola, McDonalds are all easily identifiable not just visually, but in terms of personality, as well. Can you do the same for your wine shop? [level-members]

One reason these brands succeed is their enormous marketing budgets. (Though they may spend less than you do if measured as a percentage of sales.) The bigger reason is that they’re not shy. They push their story, their personality, and yes, their visual identify, at every opportunity. Every customer touchpoint is branded.

For wine shops, branding should be a factor in your shop’s decor, how inventory is arranged, store signage, how you and staff are trained to interact with customers. (Hint: take your cues on that from the individual customers themselves.)

If you’ve gone through the trouble of thinking through and creating a brand beyond just a name and logo, be sure to execute on that brand to create the desired personality and extend it to touch every point of client interaction.

Getting out there and making it clear who you are and what you stand for makes it easier for customer and prospective customers to create a lasting connection with your shop. And that translates to more sales over the lifetime of that relationship.