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Wine Industry News – June 1, 2015

June 1st, 2015

Maybe it was because I spent Memorial Day weekend in Washington, DC where the original meaning of the day is much more openly on display (500,000 bikers commemorating their fallen brothers and sisters makes an impact!), but it was disturbing to see Amazon’s email promoting last Monday as “National Wine Day.” Not cool, Amazon.

A few other items have come in this past week. [level-members]

New Zealand Wins Continue Winning Ways
Shanken News Daily reports that the growth New Zealand wines have seen in the US is far from over. And their growth is largely due to their having staked out – and achieved – a premium positioning some time ago. Most of the brands seeing the largest growth retail for more than $10 per bottle. (Well above the overall import median of approximately $7.25.) The big brands include Kim Crawford, Oyster Bay, Nobilo, Starborough, and Matua Valley.

Beer More Food-Friendly Than Wine?
It is according to some of the UK’s leading “beer sommeliers.” We’ll take the article with a grain of salt and not just because it’s from the UK. (Pretty sure the whole “taste map of the tongue” thing has long since been disproven …) Still, it’s an interesting enough premise that you might consider sharing with your friends, fans and subscribers. Here’s the link.