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Wine Industry News for 6/15/15

June 15th, 2015

Changes afoot from coast to coast. This week, we bring you wine news from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Texas. [level-members]

Connecticut has eased some of the regulatory burden on local wine shops, allowing shop owners to remain open as late as 10pm on most nights and 6pm on Sunday. Individuals will also be able to hold as many as 4 shop licenses – up from 3 – within the state. (Though this change does not take effect until next summer.)

Meanwhile, things aren’t so rosy in Pennsylvania, where the state has controlled retail wine and liquor sales since the end of Prohibition. As points out, you may want to think twice before shipping to PA.

And in Texas, if you’re not delivering, your competition may have a leg up on you. Drizly, the delivery service specializing in alcoholic beverages, is partnering with Goody Goody Liquor to offer delivery in Dallas. Minibar is already doing so, giving Drizly immediate competition. Drizly is offering free delivery through June 25th.