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Food & Wine Pairings: Squid Ink Risotto

June 19th, 2015

Since Wine Spectator suggested a pairing of Oregon Gamay Noir and skid ink risotto, we thought we’d see if we could find a recipe available for you to share with your fans, friends and customers. [level-members]

The Food Network has a recipe that I believe is from Bobby Flay. It’s an oldie but a goodie. (We’ve made variations of this, though never this exact recipe. Click here for the recipe.

As far as pairings go, there’s the Oregon Gamay Noir that Wine Spectator suggests, but there are other choices, as well. Depending on your taste, an oaky California Chardonnay can work, but so can a┬ámore austere French white. Tempranillo is a good choice, as well, as are a range of sparklers. (Though I’d stick with light and bright.) Indeed, I’d be tempted to try just about anything with Mediterranean roots. What grows together goes together …

Enjoy the weekend.