The Grapevine

Culture and Values Matter for Retail Wine Shops

June 30th, 2015

Even for small retail shops, culture and values matter in building a successful business. [level-members]

At a minimum your culture and values should align with principles of treating customers fairly and honestly, treating employees respectfully and generally striving to create an unsurpassable customer experience.

You can go above and beyond that to build a culture that embraces eco-friendliness or sustainability, or social responsibility, but those are typically secondary to the broader customer experience, which is always going to be a direct result of the attitudes at the highest level – your attitudes.

That includes playing by the rules yourself. So don’t bury yourself in your smart phone screen when the shop is quiet if you don’t want your employees to do so. Don’t pull a bottle off the shelf for yourself and walk out without ringing it up.

Consistency and fairness matter in establishing a company culture and though it can seem like a lot of effort, few efforts will pay off more consistently over the long term.