The Grapevine

Navigating Restaurant Wine Lists and Choosing Cheap Wines

July 16th, 2015

Here’s a great video that might interest your wine shop customers: how to navigate restaurant wine lists. [level-members] has posted an article that includes an interview with Food & Wine Executive Wine Editor, Ray Isle. My favorite of advice: that the cheapest bottle on the list, particularly on a good wine list, is not to be avoided at all costs as some folklore would have. In fact, most wine directors are so besieged by distributors pitching wines that finding great wines for the lower end of the list is not a challenge. But restaurant owners have gotten hip to the idea that people will go for the second cheapest wine on the list, and that wine is typically marked up more than others …

In addition to the video, there are tips for maximizing the quality of wine you get for your minimal dollars. Seeking out lesser-known varietals is advice we love, as is “befriending your shopkeeper!”

The full article is available here.